Friday, November 4, 2011

Countdown: Day 9

We have reached a new chapter in our lives.  Pig tails.  I laughed every time I looked at this baby today.  The pig tails just might be the key to a better relationship with this little gal.  Most days I'm not laughing at this child.  She is a difficult one.  If your mother ever told you that you were a difficult baby - go apologize.  Right now.  I mean it.  Jace and I were blessed with a few really sweet, calm, fat babies and then.....Mikael.  She is cute and sometimes sweet but wow, she has changed my life.  I should probably publicly apologize for rolling my eyes (in my mind) whenever another mother said "My baby cries all the time."  Or the popular, "He's teething."  I had not a clue what sleepless nights or a teething baby was until Mikael.

But the pig tails.  They single handedly took down the wall around my heart today.

pig tails after the nap
Ezra told me her pig tails weren't cute just small.

And that sweet 7 year old Noah managed to entertain her upstairs today while I cleaned downstairs at the new Casa.  The entire time.  Huge deal.  In fact I had so much time there today, I started hunting for 2 of the wooden, original chandeliers that came with the house.  I had decided that with a little elbow grease and a coat of shiny green spray paint they would have looked vintage modern instead of hideous/dark 1970's vintage.  Wasn't it such a great, thrifty idea?  Can you just picture them in your mind?  Well, I couldn't find those lights anywhere.

Jace took them to the dump.  Just 3 days ago.  Crimeamny.

My lighting budget just went from sad to depressing.  Tomorrow I'm going to scrounge through the lights that did not make it into Jace's dump trailer to see if I can make anything else work.  That guy.  I'm thinking about gluing a couple pig tails to the top of his head tomorrow.


  1. She's a cutie-pie!

    Sorry about the lights...bummer.

    Hope you have a paper chain .... one for each day before the move :)

  2. crap! I was going to say I saw those lights in a box in your garage when I was there last. But lo!!! You are going to have to pick up your pace. Pick it UP missy!!! ;) I'm REALLY wishing I could be there to help you move.
    I loved your last post about pig tails, it's all so true and funny. So you've been rolling your eyes at me all these years? thanks alot!! ;)

  3. Thank you for your honesty. I totally understand having a difficult child. I used to want 3 or 4 kids and now I can't see coping with more than the 2 I have!