Friday, June 24, 2011

De Nuevo Casa

Or is it De Casa Nuevo?

We rushed home from Hawaii with our fingers, arms, and legs crossed that this new house deal would actually go thru.  And it did!  We haven't even taken a breath since vacation.  We've been signing the dotted lines and ripping our new house apart:

We've had our eye on this beauty for awhile now.  1 year actually.  It was this month last year we packed up our life in Chandler and headed home.  I was going to miss by Chandler barn home desperately and this house was the only thing that was going to make it better.  I would dream at night of moving straight in and tearing it apart.

But since most banks don't know a good offer from a hole in the ground (and have never heard of little Snowflake, AZ) this house has been put thru the ringer this year.  Lot boundary disputes, floods, hidden septic tanks, frozen pipes, ect.  But hallelujah!  It's timing and price could not have been better for the Baums.

We are thrilled most days about our purchase and overwhelmed to tears on others.  It is one big mambajamba.  This redo may take a little more time (and $).  Count on after pictures to come ....ssslloowwwly.

The house was built in 1975 for a family of 9 children.  Almost everyone in town is familiar with house. They all had a best friend, cousin, or uncle live there.  They all played pool in the pool house in high school.  They all had secret clubs in the tree house or kissed a boy in the barn.

Everyone is town also knows how much work Jace and I have in front of us.  But come on!  This is seriously the nicest house Jace ever bought me.  Hands down.  And we have a nasty habit of telling ourselves at the beginning of every house that - "this one will be easy...nothing like the last one."  Ask me again in a couple months where this one ranks on the difficulty scale.  I'm sure we will be singing a different tune.

Jace and I consider the house just a good bonus.  We really bought this house because of land it sits on.  Mature trees, paved road, private well, 5.3 acres - 1 acre landscaped, detached garage, barn - all in town!  I don't have to move to Concho after all!  My marriage is saved!  The house is the ultimate compromise for both of us.

The style of the house is spanish or mission style.  I'm excited to take it on.  We have never done this style of house before.  We plan on staying true to it's spanish roots but lightening it up and modernizing it.

And hec.  Haven't you heard 1970's retro is back?  It's all the rage.  Maybe if I wait around another year the wood paneled walls will be back in style.

So excuse the blogging absence and the dirty tennis shoes on my feet and my dirty orphan children....the Baums are back in the swing of things.

Say a prayer for us.  And for rain.  My state is on fire and my trees are dying.



  1. I am sooo excited to have you moving in this home. My best friend and cousin Jill spent her high school years there and it was my second home. I am also excited to have you in my parent's neighborhood and for your kids to hang out where I did. I am also thrilled to see what you do with it. It is a great house.

  2. so excited to live another adventure through your work and your blog... yay :)

  3. so just hop to it already because i'm dying to see what you do with it!! :) congrats!

  4. WOW, you are freakin amazing!!! ....seriously! Your gift is BEYOND a talent :) Good luck, can't wait to see the after math.

  5. You are AMAZING and so TALENTED!! I envy both of these traits and am highly anticipating the new and finished product!! GOod Luck you guys will do great as always :)

  6. Can't wait to see how you refinish the BEAUTIFUL front door!

  7. That house is so awesome! I can't wait to see how you transform it.

  8. What a gorgeous house... I cannot wait to watch what you do to it! :)

  9. Since I have lived in the same house my entire life, and purchasing one around this side of the world on my salary is out of the question, I love to see the renovations and surely life-changing experiences others go through. I think this is a really pretty house, and extraordinary land and with beautiful surroundings. Imagine what it will look like with your touch! I cannot wait, and wish you all the luck there is.
    Oh! and by the way, it is CASA DE NUEVO (I'm thinking you were going for "home again"?)
    Cheers from Guatemala!

  10. This house has so much potential! And I agree with Paula, what a unique and beautiful front door. (When I first saw the picture of the house I thought it looked familiar. I have family living in Snowflake and will be visiting there myself in a week.)
    Congrats on finding such a wonderful home.

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  12. Sorry! I goofed on my last post! I was saying that I am new to your blog and looking forward to seeing the transformations! I saw the before and after pics of your downtown house on Better After. They were pretty amazing, and this house has even more potential! Have fun!

  13. Seriously cool house! Found you from better after and wish my husban would move to AZ just so we could buy your house in Snowflake. I can't wait to see what you do with the new one.

  14. We own a home in Pinetop we completely renovated and we also own a home in Gilbert. I attended high school and taught school in Chandler. I found you through Better After where I saw your remodel of the Chandler home... Loved it... My hubby and I are currently in Destin, Florida where we just completed a condo makeover. My husband told me this is the LaSt Remodel! You see we are Old!!! I love seeing what you have done...Hope to visit Snowflake and see your results in person someday...You do Fab work!!!