Thursday, November 3, 2011

Countdown: Day 10

The sun is going down and the season is changing.

Moving is like childbirth.  Sometimes the anticipation of it is worse than the actual event. (If you believe in epidurals.)  I have been walking in circles.  Lying awake at night unable to convince my brain that we will be able to survive this.  Again.  There really is no way to prepare for it except to tell yourself -  "The ball is already rolling and there is no way to stop it now.  No turning back. Now breathe.  Breathe."

Childbirth?  Really Lindsay?  Really.  It's a bit dramatic but maybe this time of year when the season is changing I am reminded where I was last year.

Sept. 21, 2010.  Anxiously awaiting Mikael's arrival in a hospital bed.

Giving birth.  And I'm telling you - it feels the same.  Except my hips don't ache when I waddle.

Jace and I met up at the Casa this afternoon.  I followed him around the place with a broom and trash can as he caulked, installed shower trim fixtures, scraped windows, adjusted the new furnace, and set toilets.

On the car ride home I said, "There is no way we are going to make it.  We still have so much to do."
Jace replied, "Funny cuz I was just going to say we got so much done today.  We are so close."

Funny how a husband and wife who are seeing the same thing can have such different perspectives.  

Bit like childbirth, no?

Now a word or two about my last post.
I love Jace.  He works his tail end off for us. 
He bought 2500 pounds of rough lumber from a local sawmill for $19.74.
He was thrilled beyond words.  He told everyone he saw about his purchase.
How could he not build his chicken coop? Right now?
When it was all said and done his coop costs us $9.87.  Or something like that.
I'm thrilled for him.  Well, now that I have had time to think about it - I'm thrilled for him.
And he wins the most handsome soccer coach ever award.

And as for my priorities?
Word on the street is I have been decorating our downtown house for Thanksgiving.

So that I can take it down in 10 days.  Put it in a box.  And hang it back up at the new Casa.



  1. i thoroughly love your blog! i can't wait to see pictures of everything. and as i am about three days away from the whole birthing process myself, i feel for you. i honestly don't think i would trade you places. i triple hate moving! although the waddling, i could do away with. :)

  2. Three cheers! There IS light at the end of the tunnel :)
    I think you are such an adorable family, and have such great 'can-do' attitudes, that this will be a very successful move!

    (I have to tell you.... it's weird for me to know that we will never, ever do this again.
    I keep wondering 'can this be real?'
    I hope you have better luck coming to terms with the 'forever house' than I have had.)

    And.. I think it's awesome that your hubby gets the best deals that he can! Way to go!!
    A penny saved is a penny earned.