Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We are suppose to be busy finishing a house.  The house we are moving into next weekend.  But things keep getting in the way.  Some of the things cause me to stomp my feet and growl when I talk.  Like the new chicken coop for example:

Remember when the chicken coop use to just be the kid's tree house?  And it looked like this?

Sometimes I may not know when to pick my battles.  And this is not one of those times.  I know you will all agree with me that my bedroom should be completed before the chicken's.  All of you except Jace and the other crazed chicken sympathizers out there.  The saddest thing of all is that 4 year old Ezra thinks Dad built him 2 tree forts now!  Who is going to break the news to him that this newly constructed "fort" is for our feathered friends only?  Not me.

Distraction #2:

Jace gets a little Phil Weston on us every Saturday morning.  He loves to win.

He is the only coach in the league running up and down the field with his players.  Yelling.  It is pretty fun to watch.

And this little guy is so fun to watch.  He has had another great season.  Our Noah never fails to surprise and impress us.  Another reason I love this kid?  Check out his Obi-Wan Kenobi costume below.

All that he needed was a robe.  He wasn't worried.  He told me after the trick or treating that "everybody knew who he was."  Sweet, because his older sister had just a few wardrobe meltdowns.  "Everyone thinks I'm a pirate!"  And I don't even have to point out what the younger sister thought of her piggy costume.  She. Was. Not. Having. It.  And Ironman there in the middle was a repeat of last year.  Love that.

Remember those boring tile pictures I promised?


Master bath.  I tried to talk Jace into doing the entire bathroom in the white marble.  As you can see he didn't think that was one of my best ideas.

But I don't mind the beige tile he picked.  It's kind of growing on me.

Kid's bath.  Was hoping for dark brown subway tile.  But white will do.  It will do.  


  1. I love your tile. You lucky dog. Of course I should have known that it wouldn't look like plain ol' tile. I was feeling sympathetic for you. not so anymore! And of course that chicken coop had to be done! What are you thinking? It's the cutest coop ever. I wished for just a moment that Jace could be our soccer coach. I have good memories when Jordy and Jace did it together. It would be fun to watch!

  2. Wow. I think that just might be the most awesome chicken coop ever! It's adorable especially painted white. That Jace is so crafty. The tile is fantastic. I do think you will be happy about that coop later . Just you wait.

  3. How is it that men seem to get soooo side tracked?
    While installing a new exterior door to the sunroom, somehow, we ended up replacing a switch. Hummph!
    I guess, all's well that ends well :)
    Love the coop though... and LOVE the tile.
    Maybe you can hang out in the bathroom or the coop 'til your room gets done :)