Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My only full time helpers.

Extra hands.
Extra hours in the day.
Extra patience.

Less full time jobs.

We are tiling.  Have I told you I hate tile?  I really do.  To me it all looks the same.  Brown, beige, blahness.  Maybe because is reminds me of all the track neighborhoods in Arizona.  Brown stucco houses that sit just a grout line away from the next brown house.  Eh.  I'm over it.  I have picked the tile and now I am going to live with it.  Forever, Jace says.

Pictures of my boring tile coming soon.

Our downtown house deal fell through.  Then we sold it again.  We are still moving in November.  And we are thankful.  Very thankful.

Please refer to the line under the title of this blog.
"Blood, Sweat, and Tears" people.  That is what it says.
It's mostly been tears lately.  Well ok, a few cuss words as well.
This is the worst part.  The final push.
Stick with me.  The cheerful version of this blog is just around the corner.


  1. I'd help if I could :)
    Chocolate and diet Coke is what gets me through a lot of the renovation work. I know, it's not the best thing, but it works for me.
    Your kiddos are sweetie-pies. They will be ruined by these renovation experiences though.... our poor kids can't drive by an old house without commenting on how it needs to be fixed up and how it should be done (insert big grin here.)
    We have assured them that not every family lives in a constant state of renovation, dust, swear words, and take out :)
    To their credit, they mostly remember the outcome of said renovations....not the beginnings.
    Keep hanging in there. You know it will be wonderful when it's done. A home filled with laughter, love and memories.

  2. I think raising kids is tough... renovating tough.. combine the two and you are super woman :) Hang in there and it will be fantastic when it is all said and done. Best wishes !!

  3. Good luck with your last hectic days. You can do it. I am so excited to see your handiwork. Do you want to add me to you other blog list?


  4. Lindsay, it is always so stressful for you and then you turn around after wards and we all marvel at your work. You and your husband are one dynamic duo and I am always so impressed with your work. Maybe one day you can help me build a house. Until then keep cussing and crying so we can all stay on pins and needles to see what you all produce next!