Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An End In Sight

Pardon our absence.  And our photos.  We went to Utah last week.  My hands are constantly busy whether at home or out of state.  All photography responsibilities have fallen upon my 9 year old - we didn't get one photo while in Utah and our house photos have been lacking lately.  We were in Provo for Jace's Aunt Mariann's funeral last week.  I loved this woman dearly.  She was the best Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, ect.  You never heard a negative word come out of her mouth.  I was reminded how I want to be.  When I die, I want people to remember how kind I was, not how skinny I was or how well I decorated (I am neither skinny or a decorator - just in my head but you get where I going with this right?). 

We now have an official move-in date.  Veteran's Day.  Our down-town house sold while we were away and if you were stalking our Bobcat skid steer on ebay, I'm sorry to say it sold last week as well.  Darn it for you guys.  But ya for us!  Maybe we should leave the state more often.  Those Bobcat auction proceeds sure bought some purty wood floor in Salt Lake City.

See that concrete.  I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, "Man, that is clean concrete."  Yes! Yes it is!  I have been cleaning up concrete for what seems like weeks now.  Jace grinded the top layer of concrete and the whole house was covered in concrete dust.  I swept, vacuumed, rented the "Ninja" machine to wash the floors, vacuumed some more, then mopped 4 times.  My right arm is still numb.

All that hard work is paying off.  Our concrete floors are stained and being prepped for sealer tonight.  Pictures coming soon.  
We are so close.  The end is here.  We have enough time for one more big push.  Any bets we make it to tile?  Or is Lindsay moving in with 1970's linoleum floors in the bathrooms? 

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  1. Sorry about your hubby's aunt passing away. It sounds like she was a gracious, well loved woman. I too want to be remembered for my good deeds and loving actions.
    I'm SO excited for you that your house sold! Awesome!!
    Love the cement floors. I've never had cement floors, but I should imagine that once they are stained and sealed, that they will be easy to take care of, and wear like steel.
    I hope that you get all the renovation done that want to, before you have to move.
    We're still (and for the next 50 years) renovating.
    Hope that this is a productive and happy week for you!