Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I see it in your eyes

I wish I could tell you this past week was been fantastic.  Or different.  Or productive.  Or something.  But besides a couple hail storms in the afternoons, we are singing the same ol' tune.  Work.  Work.  Work.

Sunday night we saw Jace's parents.  They live in Mexico and farm chili.  Random, I know.  We usually never see them this time of year because they are busy picking chili but on Sunday night we found them on our doorstep with some friends from Mexico.  These friends are peach farmers.  We loaded up all these farmers and took them out to our new Casa.  Jace's parents were impressed with our progress.  The peach farmers on the other hand, were stumped.

The 1st question they asked when they had walked thru was "Why?"

Jace and I glared at these foreigners suspiciously.  Why?  What kind of question was that?

As my Mother-in-law and I discussed paint colors, furniture arrangements, and the how-tos of concrete counter tops, I continued to notice a look of utter confusion on Mrs. Peach farmer's face.  She couldn't figure it.  She did not seem to understand what was going on.

I explained that this was all Jace's idea and I just have to follow him around the country remodeling dump houses because I have too many children that need a father.

And he is good looking.

Cue the crickets.
Awkward silence.

Apparently Peach farmers don't think I'm funny.

Monday night our neighbors came out to the new Casa for a cook out and to see what all this hubbub was about.  They have warned and pleaded with me for months not to take my children away from our friendly street.  I may have even shed a tear or two recently just thinking about moving away from these nice people, so when one of my neighbors stood up tall, looked me right in the eyes at the end of the tour and said, "Lindsay, you're so smart."  I choked on my trail burger.

She explained, "We will miss your kids so much but there is no question your kids will be happier out here.  This is going to be so great for you guys."

I most of the time think that all this moving and child rearing has sucked all intelligence right out my ear.  And I sometimes wonder if I have the wrong house for sale.  This past week especially.  But then all I have to see is that look in someone's eyes that they get it.  They get what all this crying, and moaning, and work is all about.  They have caught the vision of what the house could be.

Oh, and it is going to be great.


  1. It IS going to be great!
    It will be a place that you can put down roots that go so deep, that they will wrap around the rocks in the ground and hold strong. A forever home :)

  2. Please stay there...maybe someday we'll be back. You know right now is the hardest part. Hang in there. Remember how much you hated to leave that chandler house?
    I loved this post. I sure look forward to you updating. And by the way, You ARE Smart!!!

  3. I have said it all along. Smarty pants. Way to go. I need a carpet consult. See you at the part-ay.