Friday, November 25, 2011

Ya so we moved.

We made it here.

And it ain't pretty.  Our dinners are coming out of Doritos bags.

I swear I will be unpacking until Mikael goes to kindergarten.  It is physically impossible to move, blog, attend soccer finales, celebrate birthdays, sell houses, and get kids to school on time.  Bear with us.

Oh ya.

And just in case you weren't feeling just a wee bit sorry for me - Jace made me do the whole Thanksgiving thing for some of his family.  At my new house.  With no kitchen stove.  Bet you didn't know you could make mash potatoes in a turkey fryer. 


p.s.  And a child that should remain nameless managed to crack the screen on my laptop and ipod, all in one week.  I told him he owes me $690.  He told me he doesn't have it.  So I really have no idea what my pictures look like on this post or if I noticed all the yellow highlighted mispelled words due to the big black spider covering my screen.


  1. Looks like you've got it together enough. So glad you blogged. I've been waiting for it! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You have courage!!

    Glad that you are moved... even if you won't be completely moved in for a few years :)

    Not only do you need a new laptop, but I say you have a pretty nice date night due too! Especially for that turkey dinner you made without a stove :)