Saturday, December 3, 2011

Slump Flump

Jace told me today, "We are in a slump.  Just a little slump."  We have had a bit of bad luck lately.  Someone has it out for me.  I just can't get a break.  I say it every time but this move has definitely taken the cake.  Remember Thanksgiving at our new house?  The Thanksgiving without a kitchen stove?  Well, in this season of being thankful I have to record the blessings and highlights of the day.  Jace hung swings in our trees.

It was adorable.

And the weather was completely cooperative.

It was mandatory everyone take a ride on the big swing.

I'm pretty sure that is Jace in the back ground checking to see if the swing had exceeded it's weight limit.

The kids and I had the stomach flu the day before and even I knew that all of us having it on the same day and not on Thanksgiving day was a blessing.  And Jace is a blessing for making everyday fun and making me laugh when I want to cry.

We don't pay for T.V.  Haven't for years.  It is a blessing.  Except when no one around you gives you the weather forecast.  We were a little thrown off this week when all this snow showed up.  We were out of electricity for 17 hours.  I cooked lunch on our wood stove, while Jace bounced around town in his backhoe clearing the driveways of some of Snowflake's finest citizens.  I told you he is a blessing.  He's going to heaven and I will still be whining somewhere else about my poor life.

And the slump continues:
Found 2 roof leaks in the snow storm.
Dishwasher broke today.  
(My kids thought doing dishes in the sink was the funnest thing tonight, so maybe blessing?  For a day or two?)
Still no kitchen stove.  I'm officially calling this "camping in the new house."
Mikael and Jace took a turn with the stomach bug this week.
When the power goes on and off in the middle of the night, the ipod downstairs blasts music at full volume.  Can you say pee the bed?  Very freaky.
School was cancelled Friday.  The school called and texted our cell phones 12 times starting at 5 am.  Someone owes me another snow day....the kind where you are free to sleep in.

I'm contemplating posting some house progress pictures.  Maybe some before and afters.  Right after I unpack and right after I decorate.

Right after this slump ends.


  1. No fun! We have a tv that comes on every time the power blinks. It's in our bedroom unfortunately - that can be pretty shocking at 2 AM. So we unplug it when it's not in use & get a good night's sleep.

  2. Oh, you have had a yucky streak!
    I feel for you :)
    They say (I'm not sure who "they" are) that bad things come in 3's. HA!
    Not in my experience.

    So, here's sending you good thoughts and happy wishes, that the yucky, slumpy streak is OVER, and only good things coming your way!!
    p.s Surely you are due some blessing for the snow removal that your sweet hubby did for others :)