Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day is for Lovers

A mysterious car sat in front of my house this morning.  I saw balloons flying out the back seat window. I smiled to myself.  That Jace.  He is the best.  I hurriedly put on my pretty face.  I did not want the maker and deliverer of my Valentine's surprise to think I was not a deserving wife.  I was still putting on my deordarent as I ran down the stairs to open the door.  Except, there was no one at the door, so I waited.  I checked my other doors - maybe she was confused as to which one was the front door.  No one.  No flowers.  No balloons.  But there sat the mysterious car.  Perhaps they would like me to come fetch my own gift?  The weather is treacherous today.  So I bound out the front door, make my way to the mysterious car, stand at the window and smile.  The confused driver looks my way, looks to the back seat, then rolls down the window.     

"I saw the balloons.  Just making sure she didn't get lost on her way to the front door?"  A head pops up from the back seat.  "No, I'm not lost, just trying to untangle the balloons."  She then gives a nod to what must have been her husband driver and says, "Give her her flowers in the back."  I sheepishly take my flowers and head back into the house.  10 minutes later - a knock at the door.  Finally!  I answer and put on my best surprised face - "Balloons!  More Flowers!"  He hands them over and leaves in his mysterious car.  The balloons that had caused us so much grief this morning turned out to be for my baby Mikael.  That Jace.  He is too much.  I love that guy.  God bless all the flower deliverers on this wretched windy day.  And in case you are wondering, the correct protocol is to wait inside your house for the knock at the door.  Don't hassle the flower people.  They will get to you.  In due time.

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