Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day is for lovers; Part 2

Jace came home late one afternoon last week.  He found me sitting in the window sill of the above pictured dining room.  I was in my grubby clothes and was even wearing an apron.  The paint was still wet in my hair and on the walls.  Jace was chomping at the bit to share with me his great find of the day.  Llamas!


"What do they do?"
"They spit."
"Oh.  Do they bite?"
"No!  They spit."
"Can you ride them?"
"Well, maybe.  Well, no but that thing reared its head back today and then spit! Like this...."
Insert Jace spitting like a llama.
He pauses for just a moment here.  Looks around.  Sniffs the air.
"Have you been painting?  Did you repaint this room?  The room we just painted with chalkboard paint?  You tick me off.  We just spent $ on paint and now we are doing it again?"
I stop.  Look him square in the eyes and say,
"I have one word for you.

And that is how it works around here.  Jace loves the new paint.  I can't wait to see those llamas spit. It makes no sense at all but that is how Jace and I love each other dearly.  Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Ahh that Jace is right...llamas. Your kids have a dream life don't they. What a fun dad. And he got you flowers today. Good job Linds. Happy V Day. Hope to see you some time. Don't come to Show Low Thursday, I will come to you ;)

  2. Shut right up. I wanna come play with the llamas! I've only ever played with alpacas. You DO have a fun life sometimes, don't ya?? Good luck when it comes time to sheer those suckers.... if they are anything like alpacas you have your work cut out for you. Or jace does :)

  3. you two are a match made in heaven!!! im not even going to mention the llamas to my boys, they are gonna want to know when we can come see them or worse get some:) so cute!! what a sweetie jace is. you picked a good one with that guy. im gonna start making some casseroles so when we come we can spatula some over the fence and say : it your food tina!!

  4. i am laughing so hard. i love it!

  5. Well I couldn't resist so I came over here too and I think I read every single post. Now I feel a little more in the Baum loop. Llamas. nipples and nostrils. 16th move!!! WOW, wow, wow! You are AMAZING, witty and dang good at what you do! I had to stop and read some of these to NOah because I felt like he was missing out on my fun night with the Baums. I wish I would have written down all my thoughts as I read but just know that I think you are incredible.

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