Thursday, February 2, 2012

A little Arizona Inspiration

When Jace and I were just babies having our first baby ;) we lived in a tiny apartment in Gilbert, AZ.  I worked in an office in Mesa, AZ.  On my lunch break I would walk the sidewalks on old downtown.  One of my favorite places to stop in and dream (notice I did not say shop) was a store called Domestic Bliss.   I used to dream of a house full of upholstered furniture and frilly linens and wish that I had thought of that store name 1st.  Our first baby, Macy's nursery was patterned after a corner of that adorable store I would visit on my lunch break.  Well, today I found some pictures of that store owner's recent home remodel floating around the internet.  Take a look:

I asked Jace tonight how hard it would be to make saw horse legs for a table or two.  Surely, this could be pulled off without paying over $1,000 retail. Ya?

Did you see the drapes?  Hello.

Ah those signs.

Doesn't this picture make you want to slap some wall paper on your kitchen walls? And a couple chalk boards?

And my favorite - the bathroom.  I love the gray wall in the background and that chandelier.

all above images found here
And judging by the picture above, the store is still a dream come true - for the wealthy.  ;)  I am slightly obsessed with the light fixtures.  Expensive?  Yes.  Inspiring?  Absolutely.  The best part is, I don't even have to work in Mesa anymore to drool over the store's inventory - it is all here.

I am ready to go to work.  I love when a single image gets me going again. I found this image stored on my computer yesterday, in a folder labeled "Good Ideas" yesterday.  I haven't been able to stop thinking and scheming on it.

image found here

Sometimes I could just kiss myself.

It is apparent from that last statement that I'm having a better week this week.



  1. How do you survive the day looking at photos like that? I die with envy. I can't look. Especially if I'm on a debt diet!!! ;)

  2. You go girl!
    I know that you'll have an equally dreamy room whipped together in no time at all!