Saturday, January 28, 2012

The writing on the wall

We celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss yesterday.  We are so old and wore out that we yawned our way thru dinner, ditched out on the movie, and then fell asleep next to each other mid conversation.  I am not even sure Jace noticed I had chopped me some bangs yesterday morning.  He is so sweet.

I have had one of those weeks.  I have had this inner dull ache begging for some change.  I was talking dramatic all week.  Making threats that I would cut my hair off and/or buy expensive dining room chairs.  And I kept finding gray hairs. 

And to explain how I was feeling this week a little better, I share the following story:
The only shopping in my small town is done at thrift stores.  I am a frequent customer.  I don't have much luck but it feeds my need to buy something.  Even if it a .50 Harry Potter book.  Well, after all that loyal patronage, the thrift store manager reminded me this week that I should no longer be trying to buy clothes off the size 6 mannequin, "because the mannequin has really thin arms."  

I cried the whole way home.  
My children could not make heads nor tails of what just happened.

I still haven't told Jace this story.  The wound is still too raw.

I'm boycotting the thrift store.
Probably until this coming February.

My new dining room is large.  And empty.  I gave Jace a couple options, explaining that the dining room was going to put me under this week.  We had to do something.  Anything.  And fast.

He hated the velvet Ikea drapes and said no to the blue shutters. And that is where the black chalkboard stripe entered my life.  Have you ever painted with chalkboard paint?  It doesn't erase.  It is causing me some anxiety.  So I'm not sure what direction the stripe is going to go but it does change things up, now doesn't it?

4 people snubbed me at the swap meet this morning.   I must be unrecognizable.  It must be the new bangs.  And my fat arms all this new change in my life.

p.s.  Tell me my thirties are going to be a little more sexy.  And exciting!  We have kind of got off to a rocky start - me and my thirties. 


  1. I'm sure thrift store lady was just commenting admiringly on your well toned biceps. She has probably never seen woman muscles.

  2. You're a total babe- mannequin arms are over-rated.

  3. Like the chalkboard stripe! And don't you wonder (all the time!?) why people don't think before they talk, seriously.

  4. Happy anniversary!! You are such a cute couple.

    Love the bangs!

    p.s. If it makes you feel any better, the older you get.. the better you get!
    Things cease to matter very much, and the little things in life bring much more joy :)

    1. Kerin you always say the right thing. I will try to remember that this week....mannequin arms don't matter! Thanks for the kind words.