Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holiday Tour

Holiday Fun 2011
How was my holidays,  you ask?

Eh.  I've had better.

And let's just leave it at that.

Kitchen - Before
Over the holiday break, the original owners and builders of my current residence came for a tour.  Whoa!  I was so excited.  Finally, someone who could appreciate all the work we have done.  I pictured us reminiscing about funny stories that happened at my house, hugging, then promising to have FHE together once a month.  I just knew they would be thrilled to see my sweet, little family here living and working together under the same roof they raised 9 children under.

Kitchen - before
Kitchen - After (not completely done)
Their cabinets had been ripped out, rearranged, and painted.  The linoleum floor had been scrapped up and the concrete stained.  Which can be a confusing concept for some.  I think they were wondering when the flooring was going to be installed.

Kitchen - after

Master bathroom - before

Lights that used to hang in their master bathroom, have been spray painted and given a new life in the office.
office - after with the old vanity lights

The master bathroom was almost unrecognizable to them after the renovation.

Master bath - after (and not complete yet) 
No more carpet in the bathroom.  New vanities, tub, and walk-in shower.

Macy's bedroom vanity - before
And that fancy bedroom vanity upstairs?  Gone.  They were disappointed.  I kind of was too.  It was a battle I lost to Jace....he won a walk-in shower....which I kind of love too.

Macy's vanity - after
Painted furniture and mirror was a poor substitute.

loft - after (furniture less)
They wondered how and why the beams were white.  I think this was the biggest blow.  White beams.
They never got past the beams to tell me how they loved the new light fixture in the loft.

My dining room - a work in progress.  It's really killing me, this room.

Their last comment was, "Well, maybe when you get your artwork on the walls."  Their comments made me chuckle and made me realize just how much more work we have to do.  Seeing my house through eyes that once knew this house in all its glory humbled me a bit.  We probably bit off more than we can chew with this one but this wouldn't be the 1st time the Baums swam in that pool.

I told Jace about the tour later that night in bed.  He asked if I thought they would have been more impressed, had they known our remodeling budget would have fit in Ezra's piggy bank?

I said, "Naw, I don't think so."

Jim....Dixie.....we love you and your old, beloved house.  You are invited back for another tour. 

In 10 years.


 p.s.  Know that it is killing me to post after pictures that aren't quite done or perfect.  One day.


  1. You've made remarkable progress, don't apologize. I'm certain it was bittersweet for them, too.

  2. great improvement i think brighter, love what you did with the lighting. would like to see more pics of the finished kitchen. my 1st thought was what great bones it had. i also really liked the wall of cabinets. i have an over the stove microwave but i see advantages to it being on the counter top. however don't have much realestate there ;).

    1. Hey Colleen,

      Thanks for you comment....always glad to know who is reading! I plan on posting more kitchen pics soon...whenever I can find a time it is not filled with dirty dishes or eating children. :) About the microwave, I don't love mine on the countertop. I'm hoping that when my custom island is installed (way down the road) I can find a spot for it there.


  3. Just so you know, if your remodel had been complete and perfect in your eyes, it will never feel like that for them. They will keep longing for the good old days. I bet it killed Jim that you painted his beloved pecky cedar.

  4. Lindsay,
    You are as talented as can be. I will always turn to you for remodeling advice. Don't be sad or nervous. As long as you love or are going to love what you do to the house it doesn't matter what anyone else says. I love what you have done so far and am not one bit concerned with how any of it might turn out. You are the best lady.

  5. I think that the remodel is coming along wonderfully! You've made some real progress and have spent the blood, sweat, and tears to prove it.

    I've made it a personal rule of mine ..NEVER to go and visit an old house of ours. I want to remember our homes, as they were when we lived there.

    I have had several homes where the old owners came back and visited.... and I think it is bittersweet for them. They have conflicting emotions with what was, and what the changes have been.

    Keep up the great work.. and you will have a 'forever' home for your family, and they will have wonderful memories there. Memories to last a life time.