Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're still at it

There has been some argument between the spouses. The caulking job should be for the tallest man on the job site.  Am I right or am I right?  It is like my favorite pastime to watch that tall guy work.  I seriously just sat on 3 bags of concrete and watched all day yesterday.  And did you notice?  The beams are white.  Jace said it was the cheapest way best way.

So, I choose to put the original, vintage hardware back on the kitchen cabinets.  The main reason being the 4 holes the hardware left in the cabinets was going to be hard to match or fill.  Let's take a vote.  Nevermind let's don't.  The hardware is staying.

The black covered coffin on the ground is actually my new concrete counter tops.  Will you say your prayers for the next 10 days that our $180 in material will set up and turn out to be a really great, cheap counter tops? The cat is a new addition.  He doesn't mind when Mikael mauls him.  Who needs a dog anyway?  BTW, has anyone seen Mille?  She ran away.  I'm trying not to take it personal.  And the roller skates are the best $3 I spent at a thrift store lately.  

This blue paint is still keeping me up at night.  I have a vision.  Or I had a vision.  Sometimes the vision is a little blurry.

Gray bricks.  White trim.  We are getting there.

Jace says move in day is sometime in the next month.

I say baloney.

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  1. Sorry for all the work, but this is so much fun to see. I think you're doing a fabulous job.