Sunday, September 4, 2011

This is not my 1st rodeo but you wouldn't know it.

Kiddos at last night's ranch rodeo
Oh, I'm a mess.  I have the attention span of my 11 month old.  I often lose sight of the vision I had for this Spanish style house and constantly second guess my decisions.  A quick trip to the computer to check a bank account turns into an afternoon of scouring house blogs.   I just can't figure it.

Jace has been quoted lately saying things like "this is the last house".  The pressure!  How do you all do it?  I mean, most people purchase house assuming there will be there for awhile and most of you stay there for awhile!  What a concept!

Blame his Father for this outfit: batman shirt, cutoff shorts, 10 gallon hat, and snakeskin boots.
I am shaking in my boots (and the pants I wear with my boots).  This is new territory for the handsome contractor and me.  I have always known that we were never sticking around very long, so go for it - try a little white paint here or this roman shade over here, surely it will all come together.  And it did.   But this time round every decision I make during these next couple months maybe with me for a looongg time.

And here is the rest of my reality:  Jace and I do not own a property with a money tree on it.  I live approx. 200 miles from the nearest Ikea, Target, Home Goods, or fabric store.  Online shopping you say?  Please refer to sentences 2 and 3.  I haven't hired a nanny to watch the children or an interior designer (though dreamed about both).  My house will probably never look like the houses we read about online and in magazines.

And that's ok.

Unless you count Macy, I'm nannyless.
I am officially taking the pressure off.  I liked this house business better when I allowed my self some room for errors and took risks.

This blog just might have officially become another one of those "decorating on a dime/budget" blog.  As if you didn't already have enough of those to read everyday.  But if you want, we can call it:
"The blog of those poor people who live in Po Dunk, AZ, who furniture shop in their Uncle's junk yard and dream of making the neighborhood a purtier place".

Ya.  I think that's got a nice ring to it.

Ye Haw.


  1. I can relate!
    It's intimidating to know that what ever choices we make --- they are going to be 'forever choices!' Yikes!
    I've lost track of how many times we've said, 'next time, we'll do that different'... now there is NO next time !
    I am trying to 'enjoy the journey', and the fruits of our labors :)
    You are going to do a fantastic job! Have faith :)

  2. You are the best Lindsay. In fact I almost called you today to ask some more silly questions for my tiny renovations. It will be great. And if it isn't Jace will fix it, because he likes you happy. I love being related to someone so talented.

  3. I wish there were more homes like yours in magazines. <3
    That's why I never buy them, because they have money trees and nannies.
    It's unreal, unapproachable, and guilt/fever inducing. But to watch a house come together with "blood, sweat, tears" and "a budget that could fit in Ezra's piggy bank," THAT I would pay money for. It gives me hope. It makes me thrill with you when you complete a project. Heck, it's better than a thriller novel!!

    Everything about your home is wonderful, Lindsay. Cheers!