Thursday, August 25, 2011

Up in Smoke

Every ugly (burnable) item that we hauled out of our casa this summer, landed here.  In a pile in a field behind the house.  It made my heart happy to see all that ugliness in flames this past weekend.  But you know that Jace, he can't pass up an opportunity like a "Baum" fire.  That sort of occasion calls for an old fashion feast.

No.  We did not eat the cow.  In fact, just the opposite.  We spend our time bottle feeding this guy.  Noah has name the cow Stephen.  And sometimes we yell at Stephen "because he only believes in science."

Nacho Libre jokes are still funny at your house too, right?

These two cowgirls here rounded up our dinner.


Dos chickens.

Close your eyes for this next part if you sympathize any animal activists groups.

Oh yes they did.

And I was surprisingly sad for the birds.  The very same birds that start crowing at 2 AM.  If you are not a crying, nursing baby waking me up at that hour - you deserve to be killed and then eaten.

A rooster beat me up real good as an infant.  Ask my parents.  It was brutal.  I've had a tricky relationship with the species ever since.  I wish I shared the same enthusiasm as my husband.  And I wish I could say the chicken tasted real good that night but apparently these were grandpa roosters.  Grandpa roosters = tough meat.

So, don't say you weren't warned.  When the Baums invite you to a dinner party - you now know what you can look forward to.

UPDATE on Mi Casa:  Interior of house is completely painted.  House still looks like a P.O.S.

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  1. Sure is a great feeling getting all the 'junk' gone! It's about time that we did some burning of junk too :)
    There is still 50 yrs. worth of old straw and bird poop and lathe in the little barn. Sigh.
    All I can tell you is... 'It's on the list."
    Next time you kill the old red rooster.. you'll have to bottle him. That's the only way to tenderize those old birds :)