Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Milestones: 2 Months and 6 years

The Gal and I on Thanksgiving Day
Sometimes I wonder about this blogging business.  It can take up so much of my time (if I'm posting regularly).  But then I read an old post from my old blog and I'm so glad I have a record of our lives.  But there is no way I can keep up 2 blogs.  I love remodeling my houses and reading other house blogs but the season of life I'm in now requires 98% of my time.  The season of 5 children and a husband.  I would still like to post about all the work (the indescribable amount of work) we have put into this house but also expect to see a lot more of our family life here.  I will change the blog title if that makes you feel better.  ;)  With that said......

Elijah is 2 months old!  We have hit the mark in time when I can no longer keep track of his age in weeks.  So sad.  He already is so predicable and consistent.  We feed, change, sleep, and repeat. I love him.

And Ezra turned 6 last month!  We were in St. George, UT for a Baum family reunion on his big day.  He is the sweetest kindergartner.  He is so practical, safe, stubborn, hard to impress, helpful, smart, and handsome.  I love his calming presence.  I heard him on my iPhone the other night, asking Suri when his Dad would be home from work.  He really wants to play the piano.  He loves his younger brother and I often catch him staring, smiling, or talking to Eli.

We love you kiddo.  Happy birthday!

p.s.  You know what is way cooler than facebook and way easier than blogging?  Instagram!  Catch more of us on Instagram, username: lindbm.


  1. Wow I love those two guys. And I love that you are now an official iphoner. For real. Text parties, instagram. It seriously doesn't get any easier to check in on you all.