Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Milestone: 2 years

I never knew what the big deal was.  Two babies in diapers.  How hard could it be?  Whoa.
I swear that's all I do all day long.  Change diapers.  Happily.

This little lady turned 2 on Sept. 21st.  A week or so before the baby came.  And she is exactly that.  A two year old. 

We laugh at her talking, her singing, her dancing, her book reading, her cat loving, and screaming all day long.  I admit she is at times hard to be mad at, even when she deserves my full wrath.

She has had her world turned upside down, these past couple weeks.  She had no idea where little Elijah came from but she was sure glad to see him.  She has not stopped kissing and loving on him.  I am grateful she decided not to take her anger confusion out on him.  We are working on her sleeping in one bed at night - most of the time it is with her sister, Macy.

I find myself counting to 5 a lot lately.  And shaking my head.  When and how did this happen?  Amazing.  When did my life go from busy Mom to just flat out crazy?

Was it when Mikael came?

Was it when we took on this giant remodeling project?  Or the ones before this one?

Was it last March, when Jace purchased the other plumbing company?  And our lives changed drastically?  I'm drowning in paperwork and he is working hours we haven't seen since we were first married.  Gratefully.

And what will a sweet baby named Elijah do to my sanity?  How will I ever have the time?

Well, so far he has been nothing but sweet.  I am grateful he has forced us to slow down and enjoy this chapter.  There are certain moments in the day, when my lap is full of babies that love me, that I love being home - I love being their Mom and Jace's wife.  I just wish that was all I had to do - sit on the couch and love babies.  I'm probably going to have to tell Jace to hire another secretary and maid.


  1. Wow, five. I'm in awe :) seriously. You're something else. Miss you :)

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  3. Why does it always amaze me when babies change so quickly? He looks like a giant. I am glad you are blogging about this time in your life, because it is crazy. But I am just thinking life with Jace Baum is that way, you?;)
    You amaze me, too. Man I hope things slow down for you. And yes, put Mikael in bed with Macy, your best idea yet.

  4. Somewhere along the way I missed this one. Oh wait I have been off the grid for a few months. I love those two babies of yours. Elijah sure does help my outlook on things to come. Good job for being the brave one and going for five. I wish I had that bravery. Your home will always be filled with lots of laughter and loud parties just like Mom and Dads and I so want that, except threes my max. Love ya. See you soon!