Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm supposed to be cleaning up piles of sheet rock.

I'm worthless.  Really.  Jace, my handsome general contractor, would have better luck hiring my 7 year old son to work out at De Casa Nuevo.  I thought last summer was tough remodeling a small house 8 months pregnant.  This summer's remodeling project is proving to be nearly impossible with a 10 month old baby.  This baby doesn't like remodeling, cleaning, or sitting still.

When my hands are empty my time and brain are occupied with decisions to be made.

found here.
I think I changed my mind.  I think the brick in my office should be gray.  Don't you love the gray brick with white trim?  The turquoise couches aren't too shabby either.

don't remember where this picture came from.  Do you?
And gray walls!  I'm hunting for the perfect gray.  I love the mustard yellow accents.

via canadian house and home
Mismatched vanity mirrors!  And I don't think I'll ever get over white subway tile.  It looks good in just about every application.

the awesome work of this girl here.
And this incredible nursery style board here confirmed it.  The huge family room walls will be painted navy blue.  My sisters are nervous about it.  Are you?  Am I crazy to go so dark?

I'm off.  Jace will be checking in soon.  I'm going to go smear some sheet rock dust on myself.  He'll think I've been real busy this morning.  Shh.


  1. I love it. You are busy. So so busy brain storming. I love letting you try these new things so I can pick and choose what I will do in my one future house that I might get to build someday.
    I think this is THE SPOT for you all. Don't sell it. Period. Just don't. It has Jace Baum being happy all over that means the rest will be too.

  2. I don't think you are crazy to paint your wals navy. I did it in my last house and LOVED it!!! It will look awesome! Good Luck. I'm loving that you are keeping us following along....maybe you can help me if we ever decide to build again :) (notice I said build, not remodel! I don't think I'm that brave)