Sunday, April 15, 2012

This past week.

We managed to get all of us in one Easter picture.  All looking in the same direction.  This is a huge feat people.  

I also weaned this 19 month old baby this week.  I know what you are thinking, "that's not normal."  But I'm here to say that it is very normal at the Baum house.  Macy was weaned at 16 months and my boys at 19 month and they are nothing but perfect gentlemen.  (Ahem.)  I'll admit that this time around I was thinking it was never going to happen.  And my sisters were going to be able to give me crap at every family party until Mikael went to kindergarten.  But we have made it through this week, me and Kaels.  Baby steps.  That's how we do it.

I also had a major urge to spring clean take over this week.  I vacuumed.  I mopped.  I dusted.  I organized.  I washed all the winter wear and put it away.

Then it snowed yesterday.

Hoping that urge strikes me again tomorrow morning.  Either that or a cleaning lady knocks on my door.


  1. I'm confused--did you feel like nineteen months was a long time, or not long enough? And did the grief-givers think it was too long, or not long enough? (There's a bittersweet pinch when baby is done nursing forever, isn't there? Sigh...)

    1. Bittersweet indeed. But for some reason this time around it was definately time but there have been times and babies in my life when 19 months was not long enough at all. Glad to know someone relates. ;)

  2. Oh Kael. I knew she would wean eventually. I love your family Easter Picture. Do you think that even this little family of four can get it together to get in one shot? It was indeed a huge feat. And you all looked like a bunch of fresh spring chickens. Lovely, just lovely.
    Thanks for letting me come over once a week.
    See you next Thursday.

  3. Love the family photo! Looks great. 6 bodies, 12 eyes. It's hard!

    I too, relate completely and think you are totally normal:) This is coming from me, who nursed my babies until 23 mo, 24 mo, and 18 mo.-- and I'm the definition of normal. Or not, but still, I think you're cool;)

  4. So how did you do it? The weaning? My almost 19 month refuses to give it up and I have to go away for 4 days in a months time. My other three I weaned at 12,15 and 18 months. Help! Btw love your spunk, and work on houses. We're big diys 'ers too. Added on and are still working 7 yrs later.