Sunday, August 7, 2011

Believe It or Not

This is what progress looks like:

We have been working so hard.  We have torn SO much out of the house.  And apparently you have to have money to put stuff back the plan here is this:
1.  Salvage the cabinets (loose sleep over a paint color)
2.  Stain concrete floors (save 1,000s of dollars)

3.  decide to paint the house ourselves (insert Lindsay crying and more mula saved)
4.  Jace begins painting the upstairs on a hot humid Friday 

5.  upstairs paint starts "sweating" 
6.  call and schedule painters for next week

7.  buy Ezra some shoes he'll wear
8.  put toilet paper back in the only working bathroom
And 9. kiss that Jace for being such a hard worker and never being scared of a little (or a lot) of paint
It's going to be great.  This house will be so great for us.  
This is what I repeat to myself many times a day.  We are in the thick of it right now.  The part where we swear to ourselves we will never do this again.


  1. Hang in there.
    We have renovated so many houses, and each time it seems more and more work :)
    Could be 'cause we're getting older, and the kids are all grown. Wow, do I ever miss a few extra sets of hands to help with projects!
    Best of luck and keep up the great work!

  2. Hi!
    In response to your questions :)----
    I thought that the 'LAST' house was, 3 houses ago..... but things changed .
    Our kids tell us that when we have lived here more than 6 years that they will believe us when we tell them that this is THE LAST HOUSE.
    Our daughter had a kidney transplant, our three children all served missions for our church (at the same time!) and my husband transfered jobs ---twice. Let me tell you, all these moves have given our kids sooo much experience! Not just every kid can re-wire an old house :)
    I'll be checking in on you, and sending you all the best wishes !!