Monday, May 16, 2011

Curb Appeal

My downtown house.
So, I have no exciting news on the house buying front.  We almost bought some irrigated property.  We almost bought some dry land with an ugly sideways trailer.  And today our hearts are set on another totally different property with an outdated house.  But you know us too well - tomorrow will bring a whole other plan and dream.  With all this flip-floppin around and busted deals, I have decided I am probably spending the summer in my small downtown house.  I told Jace I'm fine with that as long as a few things happen around here.

When we bought this small house almost a year ago there was no appeal to be found anywhere but especially at the curb.  We have managed to transform this house inside and out (I promise to post about that soon) but my mind hasn't stopped there.  I am now thinking window boxes, blooming plants, waving American flags and swinging screen doors.  And Jace is a mind reader.  The day before Mother's days I found 2 of these hanging on my front porch:

Happy Mother's Day to me.  
But as big as sweetheart as he is - the other side of my house looks something like this (and it is 100% his fault):

The Farm yard in my side yard.

I always pray that people passing might not notice the farm yard.  Maybe they are too busy admiring the transformation, or the new hanging flowers, or maybe they will assume all the junk belongs to the neighbor next door.  Maybe not.  This past weekend Macy might have figured out a solution.  Just hang one of these and plant one of those in it:

No one will ever notice that the swing is just inches from the trash canister and the chicken coops, and the water tank, and the peacock pen.  They will be too busy noticing our newest yard attraction.  I brake at the sight of a darling homes and white picket fences but I think I just figured out how to save myself a couple bucks.

I'm going to just hang her out there all summer long.  I know the locals will brake at the sight of her and her fat toes.

My curb appeal just went up 300%.  And to think, all that the locals had to brake for last summer was the fat, pregnant lady climbing the dirt driveway, pretending to be a real big help her remodeler/husband.  We've come so far, haven't we?

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  1. How dang cute is that? Macy kind of looks like she is from Mexico all ready. What the? I love that little chubby toed baby. I would totally brake and steal her. Hope she has a better day. I loved my burrito at your house. Thanks!