Friday, April 8, 2011

Dangerous Words

My bellybutton sticks out when I'm pregnant. And it's painful.  But not as painful as these sponge painted walls.
Our Heber project has been waiting patiently in the wings.  As you can see from the above (before) photo, the Heber house was bought last summer when I was pregnant.  Very pregnant.  I have had visions about this house bouncing around in my head for months.  This house cries for our attention, time, and $.  Has it's turn finally come?

I hope so.

The Show Low house sold this week.  Don't cry.  I use the word "sold" loosely and optimistically.  One time Jace and I "sold" a house in Snowflake.  We packed, lined up rental, and basically moved out - only to get a phone call on the last day of escrow informing us that the buyers were no longer qualified for a loan.  We moved back in.  Cried.  Unpacked.  And then sold the house a year later for $50,000 more.  Boom.  We showed them.  But a valuable lesson was learned....your house is never sold until you have the $ in hand.  Got it?  Repeat after me:  "Money in Hand.  Money in Hand."  The correct terminology is:  "Our house in Show Low is under contract."  Some very nice people are in the process of acquiring the funds in hopes to purchase the adorable house before month's end.  So....Wahoo!  I have already starting spending my 1st commission check!
What was it I was saying earlier about $ in hand?  I don't know.  Whatever.

The "sold" Show Low Family Room.  Before.
There was a tiny twinge of disappointment when I signed my name on the contract line this week.  I daydream about living in a town with a Wal-Mart and a car wash with real employees that will vacuum your car for you.  If the Show Low house was never to sell, then I could have told those Snowflake Lobo children of mine that desperate times call for desperate measures - "Pack your bags!  We are going back to the Motherland!"  They would have been whistling the Cougar fight song in no time.

Family Room.  After.
But it is not to be.  And the good part about that is.....we will soon be moving on to another exciting house project!  Hold on to your shorts - it's about to get real messy around here.

Dangerous words posted (definition of dangerous will vary from person to person):  Sold, Snowflake Lobos, Show Low Cougars, Wal-Mart, bellybutton, pregnant, sponge painted walls, and the phrase "moving on to another exciting house project".


  1. I live my adventures vicariously through you! I wish you were a cougar.

  2. oh heber! i can't wait to see what you guys have going on there!