Thursday, March 10, 2011

The view from my back window tonight

While making dinner tonight, this back window sight had my heart singing.

It's a fact.  You can't pick your neighbors.  Jace and I have hit the lottery on neighbors many times.  And other times.....well? Hmmm.  I guess the odds are you will find at least one slob of a neighbor when you move every year like we tend to do.  This current house we reside has a back yard approx. 8 ft. deep.  I repeat - 8 ft.  This has posed a few problems.  One being, we get an up close look of our neighbors back yard.

Jace took it upon himself to do some "community service" tonight in that back yard.  Our neighbors were perfectly OK with Jace going thru their trash and driving his equipment around their yard - so long as they did not have to help him or pay him.  I can't wait for tomorrow morning, when I can look up over my bowl of cereal and see a clean yard.  Someone should tell these neighbors of mine they just might have hit the jackpot with Jace as their neighbor.  It is what I tell myself every night - "Jace is my jackpot."

Mikael's back door view - Millie the dog.

The dog catcher laid the smack down.  Millie the dog now calls the back porch home.  Mikael still hasn't figured out what keeps looking back at her.  I am enjoying this new view of the dog on my back means she is not squeezing herself inside the front door every time it cracks opens.

Noah's beloved Converse shoes.
It's a fact.  You do not get to pick what kind of feet hang at the bottom of your legs.  Noah inherited his Mother's feet.  Blocks.  We have been on a shoe buying rampage since December when the beloved Converse shoes started falling apart.  Noah will take a lap in the new pair of shoes, then declare, "They don't feel so good."  After 57 pairs not feeling so good it was decided that this was a battle I was not going to win. And I did what I should have done months ago - I ordered the exact pair of shoes for the kid.  Size 2, brown, 3 strap, Converse shoes.  He acted thrilled.

As I kissed him good bye this morning on his way out the door to school I glanced down at his feet.  For the love - it was the old ratty tatty shoes hanging there.

When he wasn't looking tonight, those beloved Converse shoes made their long anticipated way to the trash can.  I almost think I heard them sigh.

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  1. Those neighbors really are lucky, huh? is he planting grass next? ;) Sorry about ol' noah's shoes. See if it were my kids I think I would make them wear the uncomfortable shoes (blisters and all). I won't be remembered as the nicest mom. I am sure Noah will appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears you have gone through to find him shoes that fit. You really will be remembered as being nice.