Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Exterior Views - Before and After - The Show Low Project


Back of house.  And Ezra.
 Why didn't I get a close up of the fancy gas line that ran across the back of the house?  It was fancy.


The new and improved back of house.  And Jace.

So, the most obvious improvement is the deck but we also added windows, skylights, new back door, and took care of the fancy gas line.

The handsome contractor scoping things out on the roof.
We also added a heating and cooling system.  I have mixed feelings about roof units.  It's kind of big and kind of there but it works like a champ and you can't hear a thing.  And trust me when I say - you will want to kiss me in the summer when the a/c is cranking.  How did we ever live without a/c? 

 One day the snow will be gone and the green grass that survived construction will return.  One day soon.  I pray.

 The exterior color is a Martha Stewart color from Home Depot called Bayou.  I picked the paint color and then it snowed.  For weeks.  I almost forgot what the color was suppose to look like, so imagine my joyful surprise when I saw this green/gray color.  Joy!  Surprise!  The rock was left over from our Chandler barn home.  I still love this rock and would pick it again and again.

Carriage style garage door

The shed.  And Ezra.  And the cooker.

This will make two pictures of Ezra this post.  He should be on payroll.  He is the best little helper.  He races around the mountain with me picking out material, meeting contractors, cleaning up, ect.  Then we race home to meet Macy and Noah after school.  The Home Depot employees know him by name.  He loves the Show Low house.  He hasn't loved all of our houses but he loves the Show Low house.  He follows his gut feelings on these things.  He wants to move to Show Low.  He is the only child I have that wants to move to the Show Low.  Want to know what won him over?  The "cooker".  It's the brick thing he is sitting on.  He can't wrap his head around the cooking dinner outside concept.  

I swear I'm never sending him to kindergarten.

Spring is almost here.   The green trees and bushes will soon look like this again.

Interior pics next.


  1. Love that house and love that Ezra more! He is a smart kid. Can we see you guys sometime this weekend?

  2. The house looks wonderful!!! I'll send your link to some people here in Cali. I have people all the time ask me if I know of places to buy property in Show Low, and I tell them yes, but now I can actually SHOW them!! Can't wait for the interior pics. I'm sure its spectacular!

  3. i can't wait to see the inside! and i feel slightly stalkerish now, but do you mind sending that invite again? for some reason it wouldn't work. thanks!