Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I learned in Realtor school

Back when Jace and I were very first married I took a job at a little place called Homestore. I worked as technical support in a department called Realtor.com. Here I took calls from realtors all over the U.S. They would call to complain about how slow their computer was. Or call to tell me that their listing on 5th Street was actually a 3 bedroom home and not a rental in the trailer park down the street. I would kindly explain to them that all the information was information they submitted - if your listing is wrong on Realtor.com, then go fix it in the MLS.

Then I would go throw up in the toilet.

Not because I thought Realtors were very unsmart because I did but because I was pregnant with a little miss Macy. But ya....It was here that I started developing ideas about Realtors.

I thought that there must be a place somewhere where they hand out real estate licenses, for any taker to take.

So, when Jace suggested last spring during the sale of our Chandler barn-home that I should save us some future $ and go to Realtor school, I thought sure, why not? I signed my 5 month pregnant self up for the 2 week course.

And? Did I meet unsmart Realtors and future unsmart Realtors there? Yep. Sure did.

But as I walked the streets of downtown Scottdale on my breaks I had to admit that Realtor school was tough. Really tough. 90 hours of law school/language trickery/boredom. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't done any schooling for 9 years. Or maybe all the blood that should have been going to my brain was instead nourishing my unborn fetus but regardless I was nervous and quickly changing my mind about Realtors. That was a TON of information to memorize in a two week period.

My exam was scheduled on the same day as our closing date. That is the day you have to pack up your house and drive away (for all you who did not attend Realtor school). Nothing like a little pressure for little Lindz. I was cussing Jace and all his great ideas.

But I passed! On the first try. Jace patted my back and told me he wasn't nervous for a minute. And if my embarrassed memory serves me right, I think I texted my scores to everyone in my phone. I was ready to sell some real estate people.

So what did I learn in Realtor school, you ask?

Not a clue. Don't remember.

p.s. The home for sale in the above photo? You are going to la la love it. I want to move into it. But Jace wishes someone else would. Come back for some amazing before and afters. She's a beauty.


  1. seriously your hair is killing me!!!! where did your get all your luscious locks??? damn woman!!! ;) well all be, would you looky there at there sign with YOUR name and number!!!! congrats to you lindz, it was in your destiny to become a realtor and for jace to build houses. your going to be able to retire when your 33 and we will still be cleaning dirty carpet. ha!! way to go!!

  2. I'm so very, very impressed Lindsay! I don't know how you did that school pregnant either....I hear it is a killer and I'm a mush brain when I'm pregnant. Well ok, I'm a mush brain all of the time but way worse prego!!

    You and Jace make a great team. I can't believe how much you guys get accomplished and how many houses you have remodeled. What a smart idea to get your realtors license so you can pay yourself! :)

  3. HA!!! I quite enjoyed this post. Great idea. and I'm looking forward to those posts about your houses for sale. It was meant to be. Realtor school is something to be proud of. I hope you make a killin!

  4. So seeing you at highland this morning reminded me to blog stock...

    WOW. Congrats to you! If I had to go to school after having kids, I'd fail;) Congrats on 10 years too. A great acomplishment:)

    I have to agree your hair is to die for. I'm so freaking jealous. You actually should do pantene commercials for your side job!

  5. Just so you all know I do her hair. And I don't mind saying I do a fantastic job! Lovely lady. I sure have missed out on the past two posts. That private business is killing me. You are so smart and I have been pondering our talk the other day and I want you to know that I appreciate it that you like to stay home. I think you could be e best realtor and have your own flip at house gig on HGTV but you make an even better mom and I want to be more like that. BTW Wednesday is our official day, jess you in? I promise we can alternate houses right Linds? Sure love you Baums. Happy birthday Jace!

  6. Hey, WAY TO GO!!! Seriously though, I am not surprised at all, I know you have always been super smart. I am glad you have a blog, so I can still feel like I can catch up on your life. I am still a little bummed we never did that play date when you lived down the road. So sad!!!